Two New Planets in our Solar System are predicted by Astronomers

New planets in our solar system
At least two unknown planets could exist in our solar system beyond Pluto. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech.

The New Planets in our solar system are the objects which attract people more than anything in the universe. The science community is always excited to know about new planet beyond Pluto. Two research papers published this week show the evidences of two new planets beyond the orbit of Pluto. These planets are expected to be much heavier than the Earth and orbiting the sun from such a large distance that their observation with Continue reading “Two New Planets in our Solar System are predicted by Astronomers”

Why do planets spin?

Rotation of planets
Earth rotates on its axis in nearly 24 hours. (credit : NASA)

Our universe is full of mysterious objects and amazing phenomena. All the objects of universe rotate in one or other way. For example planets spin on their axis and revolve around the sun. The sun also spins and revolves around the center of the galaxy. Even the galaxy itself rotates. Have you ever thought why do these bodies rotate? Continue reading “Why do planets spin?”

Hypothetical Planet Vulcan orbiting between Mercury and Sun

Hypothetical Planet Vulcan
Artist’s impression of new planet Vulcan (NASA)

The planet Mercury is closest to the Sun in the present model of the solar-system. The planet Vulcan was the proposed planet which was assumed to be orbiting around the Sun in the region between Mercury and Sun. Proposal of planet Vulcan was based on the calculations of Le Verrier which was done to explain the peculiarities in the orbit of Mercury. Le Verrier was the same French mathematician who predicted the existence of the planet Neptune by calculations to explain the orbit of Uranus. Le Verrier Continue reading “Hypothetical Planet Vulcan orbiting between Mercury and Sun”

Spectroscopy Technique for determination of composition of Sun

Composition of Sun
The sun consists of mainly
hydrogen and Helium.
(source: NASA)

Sky is full of beautiful objects which always attract human and give rise to curiosities. In your childhood, you must have been wondering what are these twinkling objects and what are they made up of? You must have heard or read that the researchers have discovered Hydrogen and Helium in Sun. So what do you think how do they know that? Have they gone to the Sun and brought the sample and then studied them to know about the composition of Sun? The answer is no because no one can go to the Sun and collect the samples. So how do they detect the composition of Sun or any other star? Continue reading “Spectroscopy Technique for determination of composition of Sun”

Eligibility Criteria of planet for Hosting Life

life on Earth
Life on Earth is centered around water. (Credit: Astrointerest).

‘Life’ is one of the most mysterious words. The planet Earth is the only known place where life exists. Astronomers are too keen to know about the existence of life on other places than Earth. Lots of new techniques and experiments are done daily to observe the evidence of life outside the planet Earth. Let us look at some basic requirements for the existence of life on any planet or moon. Continue reading “Eligibility Criteria of planet for Hosting Life”

Today Earth has reached the farthest point in orbit around the sun

Today Earth has reached the farthest point in the orbit around the sun, which is also called aphelion. The opposite happens in early January when Earth is at the nearest point in the orbit which is called perihelion. The difference between the two is around 5000000 Km. Continue reading “Today Earth has reached the farthest point in orbit around the sun”

Effect of Solar Wind on the Atmosphere of Planets of Our Solar System

Eeffect of solar wind
Effect of solar wind on the atmosphere of planets. Source: NASA

The high-speed solar wind runs away from the sun into the deep space, and when it approaches the planet, hits the atmosphere of the planet and blows away some part of atmosphere depending on the speed and energy of particles of solar wind. The magnetic field of planets plays important roles at this time in the protection of the atmosphere. Continue reading “Effect of Solar Wind on the Atmosphere of Planets of Our Solar System”