NASA confirms possibility of Fuel-less RF space drive

Future Fuel less Space Drive
NASA’s researchers have confirmed the possibility of Fuel-less RF Space Drive. (Image Credit: NASA/Glenn Research Center)

NASA’s researchers have performed an experiment and demonstrated the possibility of fuel- less space drive which could be propelled just by the momentum transfer via the quantum vacuum virtual plasma. The thrust for the space drive will be provided by the oscillating waves in Radio Frequency (RF) Resonant Cavity. The possibility of this fuel-less space drive could change the future of space technology, where distances could be travelled much faster and solar sail will not be just a fictitious dream. Continue reading “NASA confirms possibility of Fuel-less RF space drive”

Voyager 1: The Farthest Milestone of Human History

Voyager 1 Spacecraft
Voyager 1: Farthest Space Probe. (Source: NASA)

There are lot space flight and mission till today. Many space probes are wondering in the space in the search of different scientific discoveries but then one important question arises in mind “ Which is the farthest space probe till today?”

The answer lies in the very far lying machine which is travelling at a tremendous speed of human history away from us called Voyager 1. Continue reading “Voyager 1: The Farthest Milestone of Human History”