Two New Planets in our Solar System are predicted by Astronomers

New planets in our solar system
At least two unknown planets could exist in our solar system beyond Pluto. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech.

The New Planets in our solar system are the objects which attract people more than anything in the universe. The science community is always excited to know about new planet beyond Pluto. Two research papers published this week show the evidences of two new planets beyond the orbit of Pluto. These planets are expected to be much heavier than the Earth and orbiting the sun from such a large distance that their observation with Continue reading “Two New Planets in our Solar System are predicted by Astronomers”

Why do planets spin?

Rotation of planets
Earth rotates on its axis in nearly 24 hours. (credit : NASA)

Our universe is full of mysterious objects and amazing phenomena. All the objects of universe rotate in one or other way. For example planets spin on their axis and revolve around the sun. The sun also spins and revolves around the center of the galaxy. Even the galaxy itself rotates. Have you ever thought why do these bodies rotate? Continue reading “Why do planets spin?”

Hypothetical Planet Vulcan orbiting between Mercury and Sun

Hypothetical Planet Vulcan
Artist’s impression of new planet Vulcan (NASA)

The planet Mercury is closest to the Sun in the present model of the solar-system. The planet Vulcan was the proposed planet which was assumed to be orbiting around the Sun in the region between Mercury and Sun. Proposal of planet Vulcan was based on the calculations of Le Verrier which was done to explain the peculiarities in the orbit of Mercury. Le Verrier was the same French mathematician who predicted the existence of the planet Neptune by calculations to explain the orbit of Uranus. Le Verrier Continue reading “Hypothetical Planet Vulcan orbiting between Mercury and Sun”

Mystery of the Ears of Saturn

The Planet Saturn
The Planet Saturn has the beautiful ring system. (Credit: NASA)

Saturn is the second largest planet of our solar system but this fact does not make it unique and attractive. The most beautiful and amazing thing related to Saturn is its wonderful ring system which surrounds the planet making it the most mysterious planet of our solar system. This ring system is composed of many ringlets and gaps and it is inclined to the orbital plane of Saturn by 27 degrees. The theory behind this amazing ring system is not complete till today there are lots of mysteries behind them and their origin. Continue reading “Mystery of the Ears of Saturn”

Why do inner planets of our solar system have negligible hydrogen in the atmosphere?

The Planet Earth
The atmosphere of Earth has negligible hydrogen gas.
( Image Credit: NASA)

The atmosphere of Earth has 78% Nitrogen and 21% oxygen but no Hydrogen gas. Mercury does not have atmosphere whereas Venus and Mars have an abundance of Carbon Dioxide. This indicates an absence of Hydrogen gas in the atmosphere of inner rocky planets of our solar system. Continue reading “Why do inner planets of our solar system have negligible hydrogen in the atmosphere?”

Reasons for excessive amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere of Venus

Thick atmosphere of Venus
Thick atmosphere of Venus. (Source: NASA)

The planet Venus is called the sister planet of Earth because it resembles the Earth in many ways but also different in many properties. The structure and size of the planet Venus are similar to the planet Earth. The difference lies in the temperature and composition of the atmosphere. The temperature of Venus is much larger than planet Earth and sufficient to melt lead. The atmosphere of Venus is so dense that the atmospheric pressure is 90 times the atmospheric pressure on Earth. The equivalent pressure on Earth exists in the oceans at the depth of 1 km. Continue reading “Reasons for excessive amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere of Venus”

Amazing Outer Planets with no Surface

Surface of The Planet Jupiter
The planet Jupiter does not have well-defined
surface boundary

Earth is a beautiful planet which has beautiful mountains, valley, rivers, lands, lakes, and plants etc. All these things are present on the surface of Earth. Just imagine the Earth without any surface; you can’t imagine life on Earth if the surface is not present. Continue reading “Amazing Outer Planets with no Surface”

Water outside Earth on the other planets of the solar system

Water on Earth
Water is abundant on Earth. (Source: NASA)

The planet Earth is the only planet where life exists. Water is considered as a vital need for the existence of life on Earth. Earth has water in a large amount which is present in the form of oceans. But the planet Earth is not alone which has water. Other planets and moons also contain water on their surface. Continue reading “Water outside Earth on the other planets of the solar system”

Effect of Solar Wind on the Atmosphere of Planets of Our Solar System

Eeffect of solar wind
Effect of solar wind on the atmosphere of planets. Source: NASA

The high-speed solar wind runs away from the sun into the deep space, and when it approaches the planet, hits the atmosphere of the planet and blows away some part of atmosphere depending on the speed and energy of particles of solar wind. The magnetic field of planets plays important roles at this time in the protection of the atmosphere. Continue reading “Effect of Solar Wind on the Atmosphere of Planets of Our Solar System”