What is a Nebula?

Carina Nebula
Nebula are huge clouds of gases. Carina Nebula photographed by Hubble Telescope

Sky is full of interesting objects, one of which is nebula. You must have seen the beautiful images of nebulae like Crab Nebula, Orion Nebula, and Ring Nebula etc. These objects are named so differently because of their unique appearances which sometimes look like animals, eyes, rings and other familiar objects. Have you ever wondered what these beautiful structures are? How does such amazing structure form? Continue reading “What is a Nebula?”

Eta Carinae Nebula and star system explained by impressive 3D model of NASA

Eta Carinae Nebula
Eta Carinae’s great eruption in the 1840s created the billowing Homunculus Nebula.
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble SM4 ERO Team

Eta Carinae is one the most massive and luminous star system in the vicinity of 10000 light years around the solar system. The Eta Carinae star is known for its violet behaviours in the past. In the mid 19th century, it had become so violet and bright that it had become the second brightest star in the sky. During that time it ejected huge amount of mass that can be used to create 10 new Suns. The reason of that tremendous outburst is still not clear. The nebula created Continue reading “Eta Carinae Nebula and star system explained by impressive 3D model of NASA”

Stellar Evolution: life of star

life of star
The energy is liberated due to nuclear reaction
happening in the core of star. ( credit: NASA)

Stars are one of the interesting objects of the sky. Stars are big balls of gas in which nuclear reactions are going on producing tremendous amount of energy and light. The life of all the stars starts in the same way from the nebula but death of stars occurs in different ways, some undergo peaceful death while others undergo violent explosions. The stars are the source of different type of chemical elements from which we, objects observed on the Earth and planets are formed. Thus the stellar evolution which involves stages of life of star is an important process. Continue reading “Stellar Evolution: life of star”