Magnetic Home sustaining life

Magnetic Field protection from Solar wind
Magnetic field of Earth protecting from Solar wind

Everybody is usually familiar with word ‘Magnet’, magnet is a small piece of rock or metal that can attract many types of metals like iron, cobalt, and nickel. The range of application of magnet is also very wide from compass to electronic devices. The magnet creates some effects in the surrounding space that can affect other magnets and metal, this effect is called magnetic field. Magnet interacts with other material through this magnetic field. Continue reading “Magnetic Home sustaining life”

Eligibility Criteria of planet for Hosting Life

life on Earth
Life on Earth is centered around water. (Credit: Astrointerest).

‘Life’ is one of the most mysterious words. The planet Earth is the only known place where life exists. Astronomers are too keen to know about the existence of life on other places than Earth. Lots of new techniques and experiments are done daily to observe the evidence of life outside the planet Earth. Let us look at some basic requirements for the existence of life on any planet or moon. Continue reading “Eligibility Criteria of planet for Hosting Life”

Water outside Earth on the other planets of the solar system

Water on Earth
Water is abundant on Earth. (Source: NASA)

The planet Earth is the only planet where life exists. Water is considered as a vital need for the existence of life on Earth. Earth has water in a large amount which is present in the form of oceans. But the planet Earth is not alone which has water. Other planets and moons also contain water on their surface. Continue reading “Water outside Earth on the other planets of the solar system”