About Us

About Astrointerest

Astrointerest is an astronomy blog. Astrointerest can be understood as “the interest in stars”. Astrointerest blog was started in December 2013 with the aim of sharing and spreading the knowledge related to astronomy. Astronomy is fascinating branch of science that attracts everybody whether they have a technical knowledge about it or not, it doesn’t matter. If you are interested in astronomy then you are at right place.

How did Astrointerest start?

Astrointerest was started in July 2012 as a group on Facebook for discussion which can provide a good environment for astronomical knowledge. Astrointerest basically all about interest in astronomy, space science and the night sky. Later a Fan page was created by Author for more discussion on astronomy. Finally, on December 2013, Astrointerest turned into an astronomy blog.

What does it include?

Astrointerest includes topics related to astronomy which is interesting and can be explained without mathematical explanations. Posts mostly include qualitative discussions.

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