Venus and Jupiter Conjunction on 30th June 2015: An Amazing Event

Venus Jupiter Conjunction
Venus Jupiter Conjunction. Source: Stellarium

The night sky has become beautiful these days. There are three planets visible to naked eyes in the night sky. These three planets are Saturn, Venus and Jupiter. Out of these Jupiter and Venus are coming close to each as if they are just going to merge. They will appear to meet each other on the night of 30th June 2015. I know now you must be Continue reading “Venus and Jupiter Conjunction on 30th June 2015: An Amazing Event”

What is Gravitational Lensing and its Cosmological Applications

Einstein Ring due to gravitational lensing
Ring shaped image due to gravitational lensing. Source: NASA

The size of the observable universe is unimaginably large. The galaxies are separated from each other by such a large distance that even light takes millions and billions of year to travel from one galaxy to other. The galaxies present at these distant positions appear as point size and their brightness is so dim that they are invisible to naked eyes. We need various astronomical instruments to observe these distant galaxies. Continue reading “What is Gravitational Lensing and its Cosmological Applications”

What is a Black Hole? In Simple terms

image of a black hole
Artistic view of a black hole

Universe is full of beautiful and mysterious objects which have always amazed astronomers. One of the most mysterious objects is black hole. What is a black hole? Is it really a hole or what? Does it look black in color? What are the properties of a black hole? Some people ask, “Are these objects really exist in nature?” In this post we will try to understand what a black hole really is and its effects on space, star and objects around it. We will also try to learn the relation between black holes and evolution of universe. Continue reading “What is a Black Hole? In Simple terms”