What is Supernova Explosion?

Supernova Explosion
Gamma rays released in the Supernova Explosion are harmful for life. (Credit: NASA)

Supernova explosion is one of the violent explosions of the universe which outshines the entire galaxy. The supernova explosion releases tremendous amount of energy and light into the interstellar medium. The brightness of supernova is so large that it can be seen from the billions of light years away. The brightness of supernova is sometimes even larger than the brightness of galaxy in which it occurred. The supernova also releases radiations like gamma rays which can beĀ  Continue reading “What is Supernova Explosion?”

Pulsar a Neutron star with incredibly high magnetic field

Neutron star
Pulsars are Neutron stars with extremely
high magnetic field. (Credit:Dana Berry/NASA)

Pulsars are one of the mysterious objects of the universe. Pulsars are known for their extremely high magnetic fields and regularly pulsating radio signals which appear as artificial signals. What is pulsar? Pulsars are special type of Neutron stars which spins few times in a second and have incredibly high magnetic field. Before we talk about Pulsars lets first discuss about Neutron star after all pulsar is nothing but a neutron star. Continue reading “Pulsar a Neutron star with incredibly high magnetic field”

Stellar Evolution: life of star

life of star
The energy is liberated due to nuclear reaction
happening in the core of star. ( credit: NASA)

Stars are one of the interesting objects of the sky. Stars are big balls of gas in which nuclear reactions are going on producing tremendous amount of energy and light. The life of all the stars starts in the same way from the nebula but death of stars occurs in different ways, some undergo peaceful death while others undergo violent explosions. The stars are the source of different type of chemical elements from which we, objects observed on the Earth and planets are formed. Thus the stellar evolution which involves stages of life of star is an important process. Continue reading “Stellar Evolution: life of star”