Magnetic Home sustaining life

Magnetic Field protection from Solar wind
Magnetic field of Earth protecting from Solar wind

Everybody is usually familiar with word ‘Magnet’, magnet is a small piece of rock or metal that can attract many types of metals like iron, cobalt, and nickel. The range of application of magnet is also very wide from compass to electronic devices. The magnet creates some effects in the surrounding space that can affect other magnets and metal, this effect is called magnetic field. Magnet interacts with other material through this magnetic field.

But their magnetic field is very important in the development and protection of life on Earth. One cannot imagine life without a magnetic field of Earth. Earth is also a source of the huge magnetic field that extends from core to the outer space where it interacts with the solar wind. It can be assumed that there exists a big magnet in the crust of Earth placed along North-South direction. The source of this magnetic field is a motion of molten alloys in the core of Earth.

This magnetic field is tilted by 11 degrees from the axis of rotation of Earth. The direction of this magnetic field changes with time but at a very slow rate that we can use our compass in this magnetic field for navigation. It takes around hundred thousand years to interchange the North and the South Pole.But the question why is this magnetic field so important in

But the question why is this magnetic field so important in the protection of life?

This magnetic field is like walls of a home that can protect us from various types of cosmic radiations and solar winds. The Solar wind consists of high energy particles that travel at tremendous speed and have such a high energy that they swipe off the upper part of the atmosphere. In the absence of magnetic field Mars had to lose a large fraction of atmosphere in the past. Even they can remove the ozone layer that protects us from harmful ultraviolet radiations that have the ability to cause skin cancer.

The Magnetic field of Earth traps the high energy particle by applying the magnetic force that causes the particle to move in the spiral path towards the pole. The entire particles move along magnetic lines and accumulate in the atmosphere of poles where they can cause auroras. These Solar winds can also interfere with radio transmission and satellites.

Cosmic radiation is usually high energy particles that are emitted from other stars and explosion, it may consist of high energy electromagnetic radiation like X-rays and gamma rays. The high energy particles which have high mass also are very dangerous for life, they can penetrate anything. Protection from such heavy and high energy particles requires a concrete wall of around 6 foot that’s why travel through spaceships in outer space is full of danger.

But we are lucky that we have the magnetic field of Earth which can protect us from such cosmic radiations.When solar winds collide with our magnetic field it usually deforms its shape by

When solar winds collide with our magnetic field it usually deforms its shape by a large amount. In spite of such large jerks, it is still protecting us.

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